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I’m a self-taught artist who is passionate about painting portraits, which for me is a way of honoring the individual as intrinsically valuable, bearing something of the image of God. 

Whilst my style of portraiture is figurative I try to add distinctive abstract touches. Working mainly from photographs, I am not dependent on a sitter’s availability, and find I have more freedom to paint creatively when using a limited colour pallet. A series can result when a particular face appeals, each one in a different colour and media.  I have been known to photograph a stranger seen in the supermarket – with their permission, of course!  I also venture into still-life and abstract, and this is where I enjoy splashing out the colours.   

As far back as I can remember, sitting drawing at my mother’s kitchen table in the school holidays, I knew I wanted to be an artist. However, it is only later in life – in fact since 2017 – with a “now or never” attitude, that the long-held dream has become reality. 

I exhibit regularly at Cambridge Drawing Society, Cambridge Open Studios and other local exhibitions, and occasionally with MMContemporART, a co-operative of artist friends. Owing to recent interest I am beginning tentatively to take commissions. This is my very own, “big adventure”. 

Exhibitions (covid restrictions permitting): 

Cambridge Drawing Society Spring 2021


Cambridge Open Studios July 2021



Cambridge Drawing Society  Spring 2022 TBA