September 2018
Excited to announce my new garden studio is built; moved my stuff out the dining room last Saturday. What with the building work upheaval I haven’t been able to concentrate on artwork this summer which seems to have resulted in an artist’s kind of writer’s block – hence the cry of our neglected garden shouts louder than art today. Must remember how inspired I felt after the rare treat of visiting galleries in Edinburgh a few weeks ago: Modern Art (inc Jenni Saville exhibition) and Scotland National Portrait – (loved the John Byrne portrait of Tilda Swinton) - you can see it on line.

December 2017


As 2017 draws to a close I can reflect on a year where art exhibitions have been a main focus; other people’s, and my own. I’m attempting to get my own art out there. This doesn’t come naturally to me. I shrink from the IT and social media aspects. But as an artist it seems to be something you have to do. (If you are reading this blog it’s because I’ve had more than a little help from my friends, and husband, to get it up and running.) ...more