December 2017

As 2017 draws to a close I can reflect on a year where art exhibitions have been a main focus; other people’s, and my own. I’m attempting to get my own art out there. This doesn’t come naturally to me. I shrink from the IT and social media aspects. But as an artist it seems to be something you have to do. (If you are reading this blog it’s because I’ve had more than a little help from my friends, and husband, to get it up and running.)
Last April I was accepted as a member of Cambridge Drawing Society and was thrilled to have my work hung alongside so many fine artists. I had a solo Open Studios in July after two years participating in group OS at the White House and Stapleford Granery. Sharing with others is a great way to learn how it’s done. And I’m an active member of MMContemporArt, an artist led initiative to exhibit and sell new and contemporary works. Four of us hired Grantchester Village Hall in early November. I’ve been at GVH for numerous events this year, and wonder if I should fix up a bed there!

Back to Grantchester VH again… this time in the snow! Last Sunday I went to Andy Dakin’s charcoal portrait drawing workshop. His own wonderful portraits feature regularly in CDS’s exhibitions. This brilliant artist generously shared tons of helpful hints, information and personal encouragement and I hope it won’t be long before he does another workshop. If he does, do go along!